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Air Force Airmen

Off we go, into the wild blue yonder...

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I was talking to a few livejournal members, and they had said it was a good idea to have a community for our Airmen. Even you are not in the Air Force, if you are interestedin this branch or have a friend or loved one that is a member. By all means join. A few rules of course:

1. It is not necessary for you to explain your job itself. We don't want anyone jeopordizing their career.

2. You don't need to explain where you're going to be deployed or even where you're stationed at if it is supposed to be a secret.

3. Please no crude, rude, or derogatory remarks about any other branch or anything else for that matter.

Please use this format to introduce yourself:

How are you associated with the Air Force?:
Favorite Pastimes:
What motivated you to join the Air Force:
Favorite Memory of Basic:
Favorite Memory of your military career so far:
Any last comments: